Twin Horseshoes

Twins and horseshoes are both considered lucky. I have twins and I grew up in the country, so for me both symbols have personal meaning. I’ve brought these symbols together to demonstrate what can happen when two people combine skills, talents, ideas, and passions.

Twin Horseshoes represents the synergy that is created by two people working towards a common goal. It is the creation of something that could never be imagined by either person on their own. It’s a form of luck that is made when you are open to new opportunities. It’s the sound of ‘clinking horseshoes’ when things are moving fast and you just have to hold on tight. It’s the joining of forces to create, collaborate, and inspire; the combined magic of two people sharing their energy.

What can Twin Horseshoes do for me?

Until recently, becoming published was the most difficult part of writing a book. Now, with the expansion of technology and self-publishing platforms, publishing is available to everyone. But it’s not easy and not everyone has the ability, knowledge, or confidence to take this journey on their own. Sometimes we need a cheerleader, a planner, an organizer, and a skilled consultant to guide and motivate us along the way.

That’s where I come in. As a published author of numerous articles, blog posts, and bestselling books, I know what it is like to be compelled to write a story simply because it must be told. I use my 15 years of publishing experience to help you through the writing and publishing process from start to finish, so that you get a book you are proud of and have the greatest opportunity for success.

Every story starts with a blank page…let me help you write your story!

Photo Credit: Stas Knop from Pexels

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I believe that by publishing authentic, diverse stories we can make the world a kinder place to live. Twin Horseshoes is a way for you to publish your unique story with a little help along the way!