A tribe called…

I have struggled during the pandemic with keeping my tribe close. Not only is it difficult (and sometimes impossible) to see my friends in person, but when I’m on phone calls and video conferences all day for work, it’s the last thing that I want to do in my free time. For someone who (as a teenager) used to get grounded on a regular basis for talking on the phone too much, I’ve realized I hate talking on the phone. And it might be a result of my brain issues, in part. When I can’t see someone’s face, I often find myself squinting…as though that will help me to hear them better. But it’s also that nothing really compares to in person communication.

I feel like a bad friend. I miss my friends. I miss my tribe. If I could label my tribe I would call them…warriors. These ‘warriors’ are the smartest, most confident, self-assured, feisty, and ‘get stuff done’ women I know. When I am with my tribe I feel invincible, I feel like I can do anything. And even if I can’t, it’s okay. Because they accept me for who I am. No questions asked. No judgement.

What would you call your tribe? How does your tribe make you feel? If you could get together with your tribe right now, what would you be doing? No restrictions. I would have everyone over for dinner. We might order pizza or I might decide to cook for everyone. We would have some wine. We would play some tunes. We would tell stories and laugh. And then maybe we would get dressed up and go out. Anywhere. It doesn’t really matter. We would feel like a million bucks: beautiful, sexy, independent. We would dance or not dance. We would have an amazing time. And then we would come home and have a good old-fashioned grade-6-style sleepover. In the morning, I would make pancakes or French toast and we would watch movies in our jammies and everyone would depart when they wanted to, no pressure.

Or maybe we would have a bonfire, roast marshmallows, and make smores. Maybe our kids would be running around, playing tag, or trying to catch fireflies. Or maybe we would go for coffee and catch up on almost a year’s worth of news. Maybe we would just go for a walk in the woods. Maybe I would host a barbecue/pot luck in the summer and barbecue. The options are endless. There might be some tears, definitely lots of smiles, and most definitely hugs.

These are just a few of the things I would want to do with my tribe. Celebrate who we are, what we stand for, and spend time together. Because that’s what matters the most. Time spent. And during COVID-19, that’s been exceedingly difficult to accomplish. But I haven’t forgotten you, my tribe of warriors. How could I? I can’t wait for the day when we can rock it again. I miss you and I’m thinking of you.

One thought on “A tribe called…

  1. And your tribe misses you too!!! I am feeling this exact same thing. You are a GREAT friend. I feel the same…not being a good friend. But we are all truly doing our best and I know we are going to come out the other end stronger and we will cherish the moments we took for granted before so much more!!
    Miss you

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