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Foreword by…Daisy-Mae Hamelinck

I thought for some time about who I would ask to write the foreword in my upcoming book. I kept coming back to the same person: Daisy-Mae Hamelinck, M.A., B.Ed., B.A. (Hons), SSWD. Daisy and I had a fateful conversation in October 2015. I was looking for some part-time or freelance work after being on maternity leave. Daisy was looking for someone to help her with some editing and marketing. We hadn’t spoken in many years, though we’ve known each other since the fourth grade. Our paths have crossed numerous times over the years and our social circles overlapped throughout. I seem to remember that it was a mutual friend that connected us five and a half years ago.

What started in 2015 was a working relationship that has grown year after year. I started by doing mostly behind the scenes, technology, editing, writing, and marketing type tasks that would support Daisy and allow her to do what she does best. She was always so impressed by what I created for her and often joked about how I must have lucky horseshoes tucked away somewhere. In 2017, she envisioned a success coaching business. My role grew a little more and I started advising and consulting on some of the business planning and strategy. We launched her business in 2018—Your New Leaf,

Then in 2020, just before the start of the pandemic, Daisy called to ask me a very important question. She asked me to be her business partner. I think in some ways she felt I already was (while I was comfortable to remain behind the scenes) but she wanted it to be official. At that time, I was teaching at a local college and doing quite well there. Little did I know that I would soon be out of work and questioning my future. When she asked me the question, the timing was right and I said yes without hesitation. Then the horseshoe analogy expanded. We would talk about the cart getting ahead of the horse and how you just hold on tight and let it lead the way. We talked about the clinking of horseshoes being a sound of good things to come.

We started having weekly phone calls to determine how this partnership was going to work and the roles we would each contribute. In the meantime, my ideas about my next writing adventure were percolating. I decided to self-publish my book and began writing with the goal of reviving the freelance publishing business I had originally started because of Daisy. Our weekly calls now included my own agenda items and also how we were going to maneuver the pandemic world. And then we realized—what we each wanted to do complemented the other extremely well. Instead of creating a new direction for us both, we were on paths that lined up directly beside each other. All we needed to do was merge our paths.

Two people, two minds, two networks, are better than one. Our efforts were better together than separate. Twins in synergy.

At Your New Leaf, Daisy coaches individuals, corporations, and community groups, who need or want to make changes in their lives. She provides the tools and the knowledge to make these changes. She has fostered a community of like-minded people who all support her vision and each other. Daisy helps people turn over their new leaf (or leaves). I want to publish people’s stories as a way to inspire and support individual journeys, give hope, and open minds. These stories are the examples of leaves being turned over. I’m calling my business Twin Horseshoes,

In essence, Daisy and I have found that we are two branches of the same tree.

That’s the background, now why did I ask Daisy to write my foreword? Daisy knows me well, but didn’t experience my Letters to My Hypothetical Children firsthand growing up. She has a fresh perspective on my stories, she knows and supports what I am trying to do, but also brings a wealth of expertise in education, sociology, and psychology to the table which positions my book in a way that I never could. Thank you, Daisy, for writing my foreword, for being my business partner, and most of all, for your friendship.

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