COMING SOON! Roughing it in Africa

I have the immense pleasure of announcing a new publication coming later this month from Twin Horseshoes. Roughing it in Africa: Roots, Roads, and Revelations by Katherine Krige is a travel memoir documenting a 10-month, 10-country journey across Africa. In its pages, she meets family members for the first time, experiences wildlife up close, makes lifelong friends, discovers herself, and has the adventure of a lifetime!

What surprised me the most about Katherine’s book is that it’s not just a travel memoir. It includes elements and perspectives on history, geography, and culture. You learn about Katherine, her family (both near and far), as well as her friends and travel companions. Just when you think nothing else out of the ordinary could possibly happen, another twist comes along. You get a real sense of what it’s like to backpack through Africa, but there’s so much more to the story!

Katherine begins: “Africa is my quiet obsession. It has been since my South African born father died when I was five years old. His covert absence sparked my curiosity and fueled a preoccupation that only grew over the years. This is ultimately where the story begins, but plenty of other factors put my tale in motion. Young, beleaguered love was the final straw that pushed me headlong towards a continent over 13,000 kilometers away…time to go.”

Roughing it in Africa includes Katherine’s personal photo album, giving it a nostalgic feel and bringing the adventure to life. During a time when travel is limited (if not impossible), feel free to satisfy your travel itch by accompanying Katherine on her once-in-a-lifetime journey!

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