COMING SOON! Frank the Fish Finds His Forever Home

Twin Horseshoes is publishing its first children’s book! Coming soon, Frank the Fish Finds His Forever Home is a story about a betta fish named Frank. Frank is more person than fish. He loves his people, he likes his routine, and he knows what he wants.
Unlike most fish, he’s very expressive and is more than capable of conveying his displeasure or joy. After a journey full of ups and downs, Frank realizes that home isn’t about where you live, it’s about who you love and who loves you.

I feel very lucky to do what I do, helping people to publish their stories, and this book is the perfect example. Not only does it contain themes like moving, pet care, and what it means to be a family, but it includes thoughtful information on the ideas of adoption and acceptance, trust and change. We can all learn from a little fish called Frank. I can’t wait to read this book to my daughters.

What makes this book even more special is that it’s based on the true story of a real betta fish named Frank. Finding his forever home is just the beginning…stay tuned for more of Frank’s adventures in the coming months. Please join me in congratulating the author, Sarah Burnett-Murray, and illustrator, Cory Cole, for creating such a magical children’s book!

2 thoughts on “COMING SOON! Frank the Fish Finds His Forever Home

  1. The cover art is wonderful. A children’s story with a fish as the lead sounds fun. Betta Fish are such a vibrant looking fish, it doesn’t seem like a far stretch that they have colourful personalities too! Congrats to Sarah, Cory and Twin Horseshoes.

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