cursive handwriting

Dear Body:

Where do I start? I haven’t always been good to you and for that, I’m sorry. I have even taken you for granted at times. I have put crap in you and still expected you to function. I have pushed you beyond your limits and cursed you when you fail me. I have neglected the signs of damage. We’re not in bad shape, don’t get me wrong. It could be much worse. And we’re still here.

I’m sorry for practicing back walkovers until I concussed myself. I’m sorry for not going to a doctor when I was hit by a car. I’m sorry for putting you through three years of miscarriages. I’m sorry for being clumsy. I’m sorry for falling down stairs (repeatedly). I’m sorry for all of the cheeseburgers and ice cream when I was pregnant. I’m sorry I don’t exercise as much as I should.

This letter is part apology, part thank you. You have always been there for me. You have risen above, healed, hit the reset button, and rolled with the punches. You are still strong, capable, and reliable. You might not be able to do what you used to, but you can do a great deal. And you could do more, I know, if I helped you out a bit. I understand better now that this is a reciprocal relationship. You’re not just an everlasting resource for me to keep taking from, I have to give back. The more I give the more I will receive. So, thank you.

Thank you for keeping up with my work and my passions despite my head injuries. Thank you for giving me my two beautiful daughters. Thank you for letting me know when to slow down and when to get my act together. Thank you for being resilient. I’m a work in progress, but we’re in this together. I can’t do this without you.

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