COMING SOON! I’m Not in Sales…I’m a Lawyer!

Many people like to think of their career in terms of what they were educated and trained to do: doctor, teacher, accountant, lawyer. But every role has an element of sales, whether we want to admit it or not. We might say someone has great “people skills” or “natural charisma.” The simple truth is that anyone can benefit professionally from selling skills regardless of your actual profession.

This is Vince Burruano’s third nonfiction publication but this time he’s coauthored with Bob Greene. They bring their unique approach in business development to the legal field. Congratulations, Vince and Bob!

About the Book

This book is for attorneys who are now responsible for revenue generation even though the word “sales” is not in their job title. If you are responsible for helping to grow and maintain your firm’s practice, guess what? You are in sales. And, despite your belief to the contrary, you will now need a business development mindset to be successful.

Our intention is for this book to provide you with a functional overview of what it looks like to have a business development mindset. It will help you to understand what skills are necessary to become effective at creating new client relationships, retaining current clients, and increasing revenue from your existing clientele. It is not intended to make you a “salesperson.” Rather, it is designed to help you develop a positive mindset about promoting yourself in a respectable, professional, and compelling manner.

R.C. “Bob” Greene & Vincent D. Burruano

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