A Brush With Reality

by Roger Sheehy

Fiction | Fantasy | Dark Fantasy
Fiction | Thrillers | Suspense
274 Pages
ISBN 978-1-7775345-4-7 (Paperback) | $20.95 CAD
ISBN 978-1-7775345-5-4 (eBook) | $9.99 CAD
On-sale Date: July 28, 2022
Available through Amazon (Worldwide)
Twin Horseshoes Publishing | http://www.twinhorseshoes.ca

About the Book

An ancient curse or a family legacy? A scourge or a gift? What is that old saying…be careful what you wish for?

Things are rarely what they seem. Sean didn’t care. He just wanted a simple life, a normal life. He wanted his family back. Somewhere off the coast of Somalia, he made his decision. It was time to stop running, go home, and set things right. And when survival is on the line, a curse becomes a gift. But some things do not like to be ignored and a price must be paid.

There is a fine line between self-defense and excessive force, between justice and revenge. When you realize the power you have, do you choose to use it…or not?

About the Author

Writing has been a passion of mine since my youth. Like most, it started with journaling (and some really bad poetry), but later I moved into short stories and later travel. I love to write about the things that inspire me. I try to capture the essence of the ever-changing world around me and share it with others so that they too can share in the experience and find their own story. Most of my writing is in blog form, but I still write short stories. This is my first published novel.

My wife and I recently moved to Portugal which has given me a new topic on which to write: the trials of immigrating to a new country. I share some of our crazy stories, as well as tips to making the move easier for others. I’m a contributor on several Facebook group pages devoted to expats, as well as the Prisco Business Group website. Prisco is the team here in Braga who assisted us in getting our Portuguese residency and in starting a business.

Outside of writing, I have a wide area of interests. I consider myself a Renaissance man: a person with many talents or areas of knowledge. Obviously, I love travel, but I also love to cook. I briefly attended culinary school and I am a card-carrying ‘foodie.’ Having spent many years in Kansas City, I am also a huge fan of BBQ! So much so that I have become quite a pit-master in my own right, and my wife and I were even Certified Kansas City BBQ Society Judges. We participated in several high-stakes BBQ contests in Missouri and Arizona, which required trained judges from across the country. But what’s BBQ without beer? I love a good craft beer and I’m even a homebrewer. I also love dogs and woodworking.

Now that I’m in Portugal, my other necessary passion is learning Portuguese. I have had two teachers, Ricardo (Viva Portuguese) and Patricia (Fun Languages), along with a collection of mobile apps and flashcards to help me slog through this. In five years, I hope to pass the language test, but in the meantime, I use what I have learned to be able to communicate with the locals.

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Praise for A Brush With Reality

“Sean is running away from a secret. Roger Sheehy masterfully develops Sean, a relatable and interesting character, over this page-turner of a book. At the beginning, the author seems to be telling a simple but engaging story. We follow Sean’s adventures around the world, through New England and the Southeast, to the beaches of Mexico, and the Red Sea off the Somali coast. Along the way, Sean meets interesting and caring characters and develops lasting friendships and memories during his journey.

Eventually, Sean decides to return back to his family and to face his guilt and reveal his dark secret. But Sean’s secret has a twist. For the next several chapters, we find ourselves suspended between belief and disbelief. At this point, it was extremely hard to put the book down. The author continues to grab our attention until the last page. A Brush with Reality’s plot is really gripping. A joy to read, highly recommended. Five-star rating!”

– Mohamad Hindawi

“Sean has a tale to tell. One that, in Roger Sheehy’s debut, takes the reader along a path of discovery and disbelief, tragedy and humor, and with exquisite attention to detail that puts the reader in the moment. I had to laugh at Sean’s remedy to boarding Somalian pirates, but I also felt as I was there. At its base, the story is a classic tale of reward/payment due, and Sheehy even makes light of the manner in his work, but it is the character development that drives the reader to turn each page well past the time of normal sleep. Jumping in immediately with a grab-you hook, Sheehy then jumps to introducing the protagonist Sean in a classic yet “horrifying” familial manner while hinting that Sean has a secret. A secret that even Sean doesn’t know in its entirety. And one that takes its pound of flesh when used. But power corrupts.

A page turner that is easy to read, the author obviously knowledgeable in his details, with an interesting protagonist and dark secret, I found Roger Sheehy’s A Brush with Reality to be a quality read and an author that I will definitely add to my list of must follow authors.”

– R. Robison

“Just finished A Brush With Reality from Roger Sheehy. This book is an easy-flowing page turner, perfect for a lazy Sunday by the beach, or curled up by a fire. Roger strings the past and present narratives together without overcomplication, and weaves them together into an imaginative story that subtly pulls you into its premise and locks you in. Balancing between playful and sobering moments, with characters to match, this tale will hold your attention from beginning to end. A Brush With Reality is a refreshing respite from the actual reality of our day-to-day world, and I highly recommend it for the reader in search of something ‘a little different’ for their collection.”

– Carl Scarborough, Blogger, Speaker, Cranky Old Man 

“Roger Sheehy’s novel, A Brush with Reality, is an intriguing story about a young man named Sean who is running from the secrets of his past.

The story is filled with rich detail that brings the reader into Sean’s world from the very first page. A wonderful first novel, and I look forward to many more titles from this author!”

– Angelica Shaw