About Marcia

I have an Honours Bachelor in English from the University of Guelph and a postgraduate Publishing Certificate from Ryerson University. I am currently completing a Master of Professional Education at Western University.

My favourite pastime is reading and I can often be found with my nose in a book. I have been a writer at heart from the very beginning, writing children’s books for younger grades in elementary school. I have authored and published a memoir, “Letters to My Hypothetical Children”, contributed to a #1 internationally bestselling book, “Silent Grief, Healing, & Hope”, and authored numerous articles for TWINS Magazine, New Dreamhomes Magazine, and Life in Multiples.

I have a passion for education and lifelong learning, devoting my career to publishing educational resources, developing curriculum, and teaching at the post-secondary level. I have been teaching since 2017 and have taught courses such as Introductory Communications, Professional Writing, College English, and Conspiracy Theories (Critical Thinking), at Fleming CollegeGeorge Brown College, and Humber College. I have 15 years’ experience in post-secondary education in a variety of teaching, editorial, sales, marketing, project management, acquisitions, and new program development positions, providing a unique, holistic perspective. Companies I have worked with include: American Technical PublishersMcGraw-Hill EducationNELSON Education, and Harlequin Enterprises.

In addition to teaching, Marcia has her own publishing business, Twin Horseshoes, providing editing, self-publishing, and marketing services to individuals, helping them fulfill their dream of being a published author. Twin Horseshoes has published two sales books, a memoir, and a travel memoir, and has a fiction title and two children’s books underway. Marcia is currently the Secretary, National Executive Council for Editors Canada. Marcia also likes to volunteer for causes related to health awareness, children’s and women’s rights, and donates blood on a regular basis. Outside of work, Marcia is a mom to twin girls. She likes to spend time with family and friends, participate in any activity outside, and catch up on sleep whenever possible. Marcia loves coffee, Harry Potter, and puppy snuggles.

Photo Credit: Images By Kerri, http://www.imagesbykerri.com/