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What’s the Difference?

One of the things that I always tell the authors I work with is that print on demand has changed the self-publishing landscape. Previously, self-published authors had to source a printer, negotiate a contract, purchase hundreds (if not thousands) of books, and store and ship the books themselves. Instead, print on demand is when book … Continue reading What’s the Difference?

COMING SOON! The New Sales Professional’s Playbook

This is the second book from Vince Burruano. While the first book focused on next-level wisdom and refinement techniques for experienced professionals and leaders, this book starts at the beginning with the new sales rep. Start your sales career with this book and then, as you learn the ropes, you can move on to read … Continue reading COMING SOON! The New Sales Professional’s Playbook

COMING SOON! B.U.D. Better, Unique, & Desirable

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of working with Thomas Ellis. Thomas is considered by many to be a subject matter expert (SME) in coaching and developing business-to-business sales professionals. Thomas is highly regarded as the Expert “Sales 101” Trainer. His book, B.U.D. Better, Unique, & Desirable: The Sales Process That … Continue reading COMING SOON! B.U.D. Better, Unique, & Desirable

Brain “Cavity”

I have always taken great pride in my teeth. My dad used to “motivate” us when we were kids by paying us every time we came home from the dentist with no cavities. It worked very well. Until about a month ago, I had never had a cavity. I enjoyed going to the dentist because … Continue reading Brain “Cavity”

Start to Finish

I’ve been thinking recently about why people write and why they publish. In my experience, it’s typically because they need to express something: thoughts, feelings, or experiences. The writing of these thoughts, feelings, and experiences is therapeutic for many. But why people publish is very different from why they write. Writers publish because they feel … Continue reading Start to Finish

COMING SOON! A Daily Dose of Sales Wisdom

I am pleased to announce A Daily Dose of Sales Wisdom: Practical Advice for Sales Professionals and Leaders to Excel by Vincent D. Burruano! A Daily Dose of Sales Wisdom includes 365 lessons learned, reflective questions, and quotations to share practical advice for sales professionals and leaders to excel. In between, you will find success stories, … Continue reading COMING SOON! A Daily Dose of Sales Wisdom


I had a bizarre experience the other day. I was watching a television show, which admittedly was pretty intense. In the show, a girl was hit by a car. Badly. The way they filmed it made you feel like you were the girl–the camera was right behind her shoulder and moved with her, while she … Continue reading Flashback

COMING SOON! Roughing it in Africa

I have the immense pleasure of announcing a new publication coming later this month from Twin Horseshoes. Roughing it in Africa: Roots, Roads, and Revelations by Katherine Krige is a travel memoir documenting a 10-month, 10-country journey across Africa. In its pages, she meets family members for the first time, experiences wildlife up close, makes … Continue reading COMING SOON! Roughing it in Africa

The reviews are in!

Here are some early reviews for Letters to My Hypothetical Children, available Friday April 23, 2021 on Amazon! “The stories and lessons Marcia shares are moving and her strength shines through. It is clear that the words that fill these pages come from genuine feelings and in reading them I found hope, humour, and a … Continue reading The reviews are in!

Book Launch: April 23

It’s official…April 23rd is the day that my book will publish! If you’re available, drop in for a coffee between 10am and 3pm on launch day (link is below). I hope to be celebrating this accomplishment, chatting with friends and family, answering questions, or discussing new projects…basically anything goes! I may have to switch to … Continue reading Book Launch: April 23

Take care of your body; it’s the only one you get

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of my upcoming publication, Letters to My Hypothetical Children. This book is organized in two different ways. The first is that the chapters roughly align with the eight dimensions of wellness: environmental (Chapter 1), intellectual (Chapter 2), occupational (Chapter 3), financial (Chapter 4), spiritual (Chapter 5), physical (Chapter … Continue reading Take care of your body; it’s the only one you get

A Book in a Year

I might have mentioned that I’ve been writing again, but I haven’t said much about what I’m writing. I challenged myself to write a book in a year and while I officially started this project May 5, 2020, the idea has been simmering for much longer. This book started when I was trying to get … Continue reading A Book in a Year

Throwback Thursday: The Quick and Dirty

Updated February 2021 – Originally published in Life in Multiples and TWINS Magazine 2016 COVID-19 Update: All of the advice below was originally written and published prior to COVID-19. While many of these strategies still apply, please take into account COVID-19 regulations, policies, and advice. I recently had lunch with a friend whose little guy … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: The Quick and Dirty

Cheers to 2021…

This has been a tough and unusual year, to say the least. I’m home alone, my Christmas tree is lit, and I’m finishing up my preparations for the big day. Christmas Eve for my family was always a relaxing evening in front of a fire, watching Christmas shows, and having a drink. It was the … Continue reading Cheers to 2021…


Maggie was 8 weeks old when she became part of our family. She always behaved like a puppy: energetic, bouncy, and loving. She was feisty and didn’t take no for an answer. Her nickname was “Red Rocket” because she loved fetch and ran so fast she was almost a blur. Her other nicknames were “Maggie … Continue reading Maggie

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

One year ago, “Silent Grief, Healing, and Hope: 15 Inspirational Stories of Infertility, Miscarriage, and Child Loss” was launched to the world. Inside its covers, 15 women share their stories and mine is one of them. It’s a story I’ve told in bits and pieces for 10 years. Because it was literally 10 years ago … Continue reading October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Rowan’s Law Day

Four years ago, I fell hard. Literally. I fell backwards and down into a recessed patio and hit head first. I’m 5’5″ and the patio had four steps, so my head fell well over 6′ before cracking on the brick. It was June and the air conditioning was on, but my mom heard the noise … Continue reading Rowan’s Law Day

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