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The reviews are in!

Here are some early reviews for Letters to My Hypothetical Children, available Friday April 23, 2021 on Amazon! “The stories and lessons Marcia shares are moving and her strength shines through. It is clear that the words that fill these pages come from genuine feelings and in reading them I found hope, humour, and a … Continue reading The reviews are in!

Book Launch: April 23

It’s official…April 23rd is the day that my book will publish! If you’re available, drop in for a coffee between 10am and 3pm on launch day (link is below). I hope to be celebrating this accomplishment, chatting with friends and family, answering questions, or discussing new projects…basically anything goes! I may have to switch to … Continue reading Book Launch: April 23

Take care of your body; it’s the only one you get

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of my upcoming publication, Letters to My Hypothetical Children. This book is organized in two different ways. The first is that the chapters roughly align with the eight dimensions of wellness: environmental (Chapter 1), intellectual (Chapter 2), occupational (Chapter 3), financial (Chapter 4), spiritual (Chapter 5), physical (Chapter … Continue reading Take care of your body; it’s the only one you get

A Book in a Year

I might have mentioned that I’ve been writing again, but I haven’t said much about what I’m writing. I challenged myself to write a book in a year and while I officially started this project May 5, 2020, the idea has been simmering for much longer. This book started when I was trying to get … Continue reading A Book in a Year

A tribe called…

I have struggled during the pandemic with keeping my tribe close. Not only is it difficult (and sometimes impossible) to see my friends in person, but when I’m on phone calls and video conferences all day for work, it’s the last thing that I want to do in my free time. For someone who (as … Continue reading A tribe called…

One sticky note at a time.

This is the last day of January. For those of you that made New Year’s resolutions, how are they going? If you’re still going, then good for you! If you’re not, well maybe it was the wrong resolution. Don’t be hard on yourself. I didn’t make a resolution specifically, but I did think to myself, … Continue reading One sticky note at a time.

Cheers to 2021…

This has been a tough and unusual year, to say the least. I’m home alone, my Christmas tree is lit, and I’m finishing up my preparations for the big day. Christmas Eve for my family was always a relaxing evening in front of a fire, watching Christmas shows, and having a drink. It was the … Continue reading Cheers to 2021…

It’s a Wonderful Life

“It’s a Wonderful Life” has been my favourite holiday movie for quite some time now. I honestly don’t remember the first time I watched it but I cried at the end and still do…every time. I prefer the black and white version but will occasionally throw in the colour version to mix it up. I … Continue reading It’s a Wonderful Life


Maggie was 8 weeks old when she became part of our family. She always behaved like a puppy: energetic, bouncy, and loving. She was feisty and didn’t take no for an answer. Her nickname was “Red Rocket” because she loved fetch and ran so fast she was almost a blur. Her other nicknames were “Maggie … Continue reading Maggie

I am thankful for…

This is a very different Thanksgiving. After a brief glimmer of “normal” over the summer, my girls and I are left wanting more: patios, shopping instead of ordering online, and playgrounds to name a few. Now that the school year has begun and cold and flu season is on the horizon, that brief glimmer is … Continue reading I am thankful for…

Rowan’s Law Day

Four years ago, I fell hard. Literally. I fell backwards and down into a recessed patio and hit head first. I’m 5’5″ and the patio had four steps, so my head fell well over 6′ before cracking on the brick. It was June and the air conditioning was on, but my mom heard the noise … Continue reading Rowan’s Law Day

Who has time for self care?!

As if self care wasn’t hard enough before, the pandemic has made it nearly impossible. Flight attendants advise parents to put on their own “oxygen mask” first, otherwise they may be unable to help children or dependents. I believe this to be true, but when you are working, parenting, and homeschooling…there are just not enough … Continue reading Who has time for self care?!

Confessions of a Twin Mom

Confessions of a Twin Mom started out as a column for the Durham Parents of Multiples newsletter. I joined DPOM when I found out I was having twins and found a wonderful group of people. Since I love writing, I began to write some articles for the newsletter and then eventually became the newsletter editor. … Continue reading Confessions of a Twin Mom

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