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two children and two dogs walking down a path

Throwback Thursday: Fur Babies

I have had two dogs in my life, Hungarian Vizslas. They saw our family through many changes: miscarriages, fertility, pregnancy, babies, and several moves. They were my fur babies. Hunter and Maggie were both sweet, affectionate, and excitable. Maggie loved to play fetch and Hunter liked to sniff his way around the dog park; she was a daddy’s girl and he was a momma’s boy. I let them lick my face and spooned with them on the couch. They loved my girls.


Maggie was 8 weeks old when she became part of our family. She always behaved like a puppy: energetic, bouncy, and loving. She was feisty and didn’t take no for an answer. Her nickname was “Red Rocket” because she loved fetch and ran so fast she was almost a blur. Her other nicknames were “Maggie Mae”, “Magpie”, and “Mags”.