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What’s the Difference?

One of the things that I always tell the authors I work with is that print on demand has changed the self-publishing landscape. Previously, self-published authors had to source a printer, negotiate a contract, purchase hundreds (if not thousands) of books, and store and ship the books themselves. Instead, print on demand is when book copies are printed only as they are ordered, in the specified quantity, and shipped directly to the customer from the printer. For a relatively small piece of the royalty pie, self-publishing companies handle the orders, printing, and shipping and you get representation on their website. But, there is no huge up-front fee to buy thousands of books and no warehouse necessary.

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Start to Finish

I’ve been thinking recently about why people write and why they publish. In my experience, it’s typically because they need to express something: thoughts, feelings, or experiences. The writing of these thoughts, feelings, and experiences is therapeutic for many. But why people publish is very different from why they write. Writers publish because they feel they have a unique perspective, they can offer advice or experiences that might help someone else, they simply want to be a published author, they are establishing themselves as an expert in their career or industry, or even because they have information no one else does that should be captured. There are many reasons and they are all good.