Fiction & Children

A Brush With Reality by Roger Sheehy

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An ancient curse or a family legacy? A scourge or a gift? What is that old saying…be careful what you wish for?

Things are rarely what they seem. Sean didn’t care. He just wanted a simple life, a normal life. He wanted his family back. Somewhere off the coast of Somalia, he made his decision. It was time to stop running, go home, and set things right. And when survival is on the line, a curse becomes a gift. But some things do not like to be ignored and a price must be paid.

There is a fine line between self defense and excessive force, between justice and revenge. When you realize the power you have, do you to use it…or not?

The Ember Stone: Book 1 of The Ember Files

By Shari Marshall

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As life catapults her into a magical world at war, Kori Ember must recognize her existence isn’t conventional. The life of her sister, Alivia, and the fate of all Spellbinders depends on Kori. And if that isn’t complicated enough, an unforeseen chemistry between Kori and the sinister Belamey Adelgrief, son of her known enemy, adds confusion. What starts out for Kori as a rescue mission, turns into a series of events that will change her life forever. Surrounded by mysterious threats, passion, and violence, Kori knows that her only chance for survival is to accept the two incompatible worlds that make her so unique.

Frank the Fish Finds His Forever Home

By Sarah Burnett-Murray | Illustrated by Cory Cole

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This is a story about a betta fish named Frank. Frank is more person than fish. He loves his people, he likes his routine, and he knows what he wants. Unlike most fish, he’s very expressive and is more than capable of conveying his displeasure or joy.

After a journey full of ups and downs, Frank realizes that home isn’t about where you live, it’s about who you love and who loves you. Join Frank on his adventure to find his forever home!

A portion of all proceeds from Frank the Fish Finds His Forever Home will be donated to a non-profit organization supporting adoption.