Selling Smarter

by Kevin Onarecker

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Nonfiction | Business & Economics | Personal Success
252 Pages
ISBN 979-8-9857924-0-9 (eBook) | $9.95 USD
ISBN 979-8-9857924-1-6 (Paperback) | $24.95 USD
March 10, 2022
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Achieve Your Quota, Get Back on Track, & Work Strategically

Every sales professional goes through the same crucible: that is, every sales professional must learn how to consistently achieve their quota and achieve strategic goals or their career in sales will be short and unrewarding. Every sales professional must continue to grow their skills and abilities because what they must achieve in an advanced role gets more challenging. That is true whether you choose to be a career sales professional or if you choose to take on roles that carry greater responsibility. “Selling Smarter” provides you insights, tools, and strategies to achieve and exceed your assigned quota consistently by knowing what you need to do to perform at your best. You will be guided to systematically identify how to work smarter and more efficiently so that you consistently achieve your goals. If you use “Selling Smarter” as intended, the result will be a playbook – your Playbook – that you create. It will be unique to you and focused on ensuring your success.

“Selling Smarter” is the difference between reading the rule book, and playing the game. Not only do you have to play the game to see how the rules apply, but you need to play it enough that you understand the strategy behind the game. Try winning repeatedly and consistently without a strategy. That’s what Selling Smarter will help you do—win repeatedly and consistently in sales by formulating a smarter strategy and putting it into action.

About the Author

Kevin Onarecker developed, trained, and led high-performing sales teams for 23 years. As VP of Sales, his teams were recognized by customers as best in class. As Regional Sales Manager, Kevin’s teams were top achievers. His innovative sales strategies were adopted and implemented organizationally. Numerous team members emerged as leaders who today continue to lead successful teams of their own. As a sales professional, Kevin distinguished himself with awards for top performance. Kevin knows professional selling and what is required to achieve success. The contents of “Selling Smarter” were derived from years of real-world, professional selling and thousands of sales calls. Read, do, and implement, and you too will be selling smarter!


“This is not a book you simply read, but that you can actually use to improve your performance. Kevin has done a great job incorporating best practices and examples for all the advice provided. The worksheets will guide you through the process as if he was sitting right next to you. I highly recommend this book for anyone in sales. Whether you are new to selling or a seasoned professional, you will benefit from the insights provided.”

– Vince Burruano, President, Vince Burruano Consulting Services, LLC

“The thing that keeps sales managers up at night is making sure that EVERY team member reporting to them has a firm grasp of the task at hand: to achieve the territory sales goal of quota achievement. It is the crucial step in the beginning of the fiscal year and throughout the year that can determine income, achievement, and recognition. A sales rep with a sound territory plan and foundation will enjoy their year and not be stressed by falling behind or being scrutinized more closely for subpar performance. EVERY sales rep should want a beautiful and sustainable ‘4-bedroom house every year’ using the G.O.S.T. method.”

– Andre Cotrufello, 40 Years of Medical Sales Management, Marketing, and Sales Experience

“I loved reading ‘Selling Smarter’ by Kevin Onarecker and recommend the book with its extensive library of guides and forms to my clients that want to improve sales performance. I’ve built multiple sales teams and sales operations in companies ranging from start-ups to those valued in the billions, and I learned a lot reading the book. It’s perfect for ambitious salespeople, business owners, and sales operations people that want a step-by-step guide on how to plan and execute sales success.”

– Charlie Janes, Certified FocalPoint Business and Executive Coach

“This is an outstanding distillation of the sales process that leads to success! There is no fluff here. Any enterprising sales professional can find the keys to achieving and exceeding annual sales goals by following the direction set forth in this book. Tapping into his outstanding sales career, Kevin has been able to directly and accurately lay out the map for accomplishing regular sales achievement. You would need a library of sales books in order to boil down the wisdom, direction, insight, and tips contained in this one book. This is a great tool for sales professionals and those that manage them!”

– Craig Schweers, District/Regional Sales Team Leader in Pharma and Biotech

“Congratulations! With this book you are one step closer to achieving your quota. Kevin Onarecker has put a one-of-a-kind playbook together that turns meeting and exceeding your quota into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process. Read, complete, and succeed.”

– Henning Schwinum, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Vendux LLC