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Until recently, becoming published was the most difficult part of writing a book. Now, with the expansion of technology and self-publishing platforms, publishing is available to everyone. But it’s not easy and not everyone has the ability, knowledge, or confidence to take this journey on their own. Sometimes we need a cheerleader, a planner, an organizer, and a skilled consultant to guide and motivate us along the way.

That’s where I come in. As a published author of numerous articles, blog posts, and books, I know what it is to be compelled to write a story simply because it must be told. I use my experience to help you through the writing and publishing process from start to finish, so that you get a book you are proud of and have the greatest opportunity for success.

I publish books using a hybrid, print-on-demand model combined with my 18 years’ experience in post-secondary education and publishing in curriculum development, teaching, editorial, marketing, management, and sales. There are several packages below based on typical author or client needs, but every project is different! View the Project Planner for more details.


Publish – $4500
The whole publishing process, start to finish: editing, formatting, design, production, marketing and book launch.
Teach – $2500
One-to-one instruction on how to complete the publishing process, in preparation for future books or projects.
Help – $1500
One part of the publishing process where support is needed the most.

Prepare – $750
Prepare the manuscript and documents for a literary agent or traditional publishing house.

Write – Custom
Ghost writing, content development, book club and teacher’s guides, curriculum design.
Extras – Custom
Website development and maintenance, audiobooks, presentations, training, research, and more.
*Referral discounts, flexible payment options, and custom quotes available. Each package above is based on the list of tasks in the project planner.*