The Ember Stone: Book 1 of The Ember Files

by Shari Marshall

Fiction | Fantasy | Urban
Fiction | Humorous | General
Fiction | Women
388 Pages
ISBN 978-1-7778033-9-1 (Paperback) | $17.95 CAD
ISBN 978-1-990831-00-3 (eBook) | $7.95 CAD
On-sale Date: June 8, 2022
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About the Book

As life catapults her into a magical world at war, Kori Ember must recognize her existence isn’t conventional. The life of her sister, Alivia, and the fate of all Spellbinders depends on Kori. And if that isn’t complicated enough, an unforeseen chemistry between Kori and the sinister Belamey Adelgrief, son of her known enemy, adds confusion. What starts out for Kori as a rescue mission, turns into a series of events that will change her life forever. Surrounded by mysterious threats, passion, and violence, Kori knows that her only chance for survival is to accept the two incompatible worlds that make her so unique.

About the Author

Before she started writing fantasy novels, Shari Marshall completed an Honours Degree in English Literature from York University. After that, just to shake things up, she went to the police training academy for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. During her time moonlighting as a police officer, Shari focused her career on family violence and earned the title of Subject Matter Resource. Interspersed throughout, Shari also earned a Diploma in Creative Writing from Winghill Writing School and a Writing Memoirs Certificate from Grande Prairie Regional College.

Shari grew up in a less than conventional household as an only child in rural Ontario. She had a great deal of time on her hands and an active imagination. It wasn’t uncommon to find her perched on a tree branch reading, storytelling, or lost in a narrative rolling around inside her head.

Shari’s passion for writing grew out of her love of reading. The stories she started committing to paper in grade school could be described by three Ms: magical, mystical, and mysterious. Since then, Shari has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Parents Canada, Mamalode, and The RCMP Quarterly.

When she’s not writing, Shari enjoys travelling, camping with her family, reading, and drinking coffee. She lives in Alberta with her husband, their two sons, and a boxer that behaves eternally like a puppy. For information on Shari’s next book, please visit her website at

Praise for The Ember Files

“I was privileged to be offered an advanced reading of The Ember Stone. Kori Ember is a complex female lead who discovers and embraces her magical abilities and her importance in the supernatural world while she searches for her sister. Shari takes her time to thoroughly develop and bring the characters to life. Some of my favourites became Kori’s witty and sarcastic friend Fin, the mysterious and brooding Alaric who becomes Kori’s mentor in all things magical, Grama Pearle’s comedic sidekick friend Birdie, and, lastly, Belamey, one of the perceived enemies. Shari had me utterly absorbed in guessing the characters’ supernatural abilities and their various roles in the ever-evolving magical world.

There is just the right amount of comedic relief set sporadically throughout the book. And Shari does a good job of maintaining the tension and pace. I was delightfully entertained with the dynamic and spectacularly explosive action scenes, the unravelling plot twists, and the introduction to the various shapeshifters. Shari has created something truly unique. She captures a magical world interwoven within our own reality, a reality that is deeply imagined and utterly absorbing. I can not wait to return.”

Lianne Bilodeau, Avid Reader, Mother of Four, and Police Officer

“When Kori is drawn back home after her sister goes missing, there is no avoiding her past. While Kori has always done her best to avoid the inner workings of her family dynamics, saving Alivia takes precedence, and Kori must embrace what she has worked for so long to suppress—the fact that her family is magic.

Get ready for a fast-paced romp through a fun debut novel from Shari Marshall. She creates quirky characters you can’t help but root for as they battle dark forces intent on getting to Kori’s family and the Ember stone. After turning her back on her family’s world of magic, there is much for her to learn before she can be of help in the fight though. You’ll be on the edge of your seat, as you fly through the tale with Kori, Grama Pearle, Birdie, Fin, Noah, and the mysterious Belamey (is he to be trusted? only time will tell). Strap in for a wild ride!”

– Katherine Krige, Bestselling Author of Roughing it in Africa, Social Media Manager, and Freelance Writer

“I was fortunate to be in the same virtual room when Shari Marshall announced she was looking for people to complete advanced reads of her debut novel, The Ember Stone.

Kori Ember is a conflicted young woman. She’s looking for her place in the world and has moved away as a rejection of a large part of her family heritage and history – the world of urban magic. She knew it to be a potentially dark side of life and preferred to live some undefined but normal existence.

Kori heard that a group back home, active practitioners in magic, had decided that she, had something they wanted, something powerful. They wanted it badly enough to take her family hostage and thus drew Kori into a fight she had not asked for but was resolved to finish.

For all her strengths, Kori had rejected what should have been her best weapon, her heritage, and innate skills in using magic. The story unfolds as she worries about who she can trust, what magical tools are at her disposal, who her enemies are, and what her comfortable place in life might look like.

Shari employs a unique voice to bring the reader into the room with Kori as she works through the challenge. There are surprises and humor and vivid imagery on every page.”

Gary A. Wilson, Gary A Wilson Stories