The New Sales Professional’s Playbook

by Vince Burruano

Nonfiction | Business & Economics | Development | Business Development
Nonfiction | Business & Economics | Sales & Selling | General
Nonfiction | Business & Economics | Mentoring & Coaching
330 Pages
ISBN 978-1-7377703-2-9 (eBook) | $9.95 USD
ISBN 978-1-7377703-3-6 (Paperback) | $19.95 USD
April 5, 2022
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Jumpstart Your Sales Career Today

Not every new sales professional has the benefit of a well-designed training program. This resource is meant to give new sales professionals the tools they need to jumpstart their career. It starts with the most important tasks, the ones you will need in the first weeks working in sales. Then it reviews the sales process and how to move through it effectively for each opportunity. Finally, as you build some proficiency in sales, the book reviews additional considerations to maximize your efforts and become a high-performing sales professional.

Regardless of your industry, The New Sales Professional’s Playbook will help you with practical advice, easy-to-understand ideas, and proven recommendations. The secret to sales success is you–capitalize on your greatest asset by starting off your career the right way!

About the Author

Vincent D. Burruano received his MBA in Business Administration, Management and Operations from The George Washington University and his Bachelor of Philosophy from the School of Philosophy at the Catholic University of America, both located in Washington, DC. Vincent has also received the following certifications: Top-Ten Sales Skills of Elite Salespeople (ASHER Global Leaders in Growth Strategies), Predictive Index (PI Worldwide), and SPIN Selling and Managing the Complex Sale (Huthwaite International). Vincent has extensive experience recruiting, coaching, developing, and leading sales professionals, selling products and services across multiple industries in several US markets. He was most recently Vice President of Sales for the Commercial Division of JK Moving Services, one of the nation’s largest independent movers, in Sterling, Virginia. Today, he operates his own consulting business, Vince Burruano Consulting Services, LLC in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. 

Vincent has experience in challenging, and changing, paradigms to achieve improved results. As a leader, he promotes a culture that values trust, respect, and collaboration, in order to foster continuous improvement. Vincent is passionate about working with people who want to succeed, and who find purpose in helping their clients, co-workers, and business partners achieve their goals. He believes learning and growth are the key to success at both the individual and team levels. Vincent practices a customer-centric approach that encourages mutually-beneficial relationships.

In his spare time, Vincent is an avid reader and enjoys traveling. He has been a volunteer first responder and firefighter, a football and baseball coach, served on the Board of Directors and Executive Sales Leadership Team with the Office Moving Alliance, and is a Member of the Lido Civic Club of Washington, DC. Vincent also serves as a Forbes Business Development Council Member, writing articles for their members. Vincent has recently written his first book, A Daily Dose of Sales Wisdom: Practical Advice for Sales Professionals and Leaders to Excel.

Specialties include Building and Leading High-Performance Teams, New Business Development, Driving Organic Growth, Enterprise Sales Strategy, Sales Process Improvement, Individual Professional Development Planning, Change Management, Collaboration, Project Management, CRM Implementation and Utilization, and Performance Management.


“A career in professional sales can be one of the most rewarding choices you can make, not just financially but emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. But you need to get started on the right foot. Vince does an excellent job spelling out how to put the foundation in place for an amazing career.”

– Fred Diamond, Co-founder, Institute for Excellence in Sales, and Host of the Award-Winning Sales Game Changers Webcasts and Podcasts

“This is an awesome book. Vince lays the sales foundation for every sales organization to follow. I highly recommend that every sales leader buy this book for their front-line managers to help them develop, train, and coach their sales reps. This books gets  5 stars.”

– Thomas Ellis, Chief Sales Coach, EWC Consultants, and author of B.U.D. Better, Unique, & Desirable: The Sales Process That Gets Results

“Vince says: ‘Anyone who is committed to learning the art and science of selling can be successful.’ Drawing upon his real-world sales experience and expertise, Vince shows you how to be successful by laying out specific steps to follow along with practical examples and templates. Vince gives new and experienced sales professionals everything that is needed in a sales success kit.”

– Kevin Onarecker, Certified Executive Coach, Onarecker Consulting, Inc., and Author of Selling Smarter: Achieve Your Quota, Get Back on Track, & Work Strategically

“There are countless books and training resources out there meant to help people improve their selling skills. But the majority tend to focus on theoretical concepts that are often difficult to put into practice. Vince Burruano has created an actual playbook for aspiring sales professionals that does the exact opposite. This book is an absolute gift filled with tactical, actionable, and impactful guidance that can be implemented immediately. I would call it a must-have, ‘how-to’ guide filled with tangible insights, based on actual experiences. Effective selling is so much more than what happens during customer meetings. Vince knows this better than anyone. He shares what it takes to help move the needle for anyone who has made the decision to embark on a journey toward achieving excellence in one of the greatest professions in the world…SALES!”

– Geoff Snavely, Author of Disruptive Discovery:  Uncovering the Stuff That Really Matters