When Maddie Feels Jealous

by Laura McJannet-Brogan
Illustrated by Cory Cole

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Juvenile Fiction | Social Themes | Emotions & Feelings
Juvenile Nonfiction | Inspirational & Personal Growth
Juvenile Fiction | Social Themes | Values & Virtues
32 Pages
ISBN 978-1-990831-07-2 (Paperback) | $16.99 CAD
ISBN 978-1-7778033-0-8 (eBook) | $9.99 CAD
ISBN 978-1-990831-02-7 (Hardcover) | $25.99 CAD
On-sale Date: April 22, 2023
Available through Amazon and Ingram (Worldwide) | http://www.amazon.ca | http://www.ingramcontent.com
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About the Book

Whenever Maddie sees other kids, she always wants what they have: presents, toys, ice cream, candy! This big FEELING comes over her and she doesn’t like it. It makes her say things like, “It’s not fair!” What is that feeling and why does it make her feel so yucky?

It’s JEALOUSY and it can only be conquered with GRATITUDE and KINDNESS. Learn with Maddie as she identifies and deals with her big emotions.

About the Author

Laura has a strong passion for reading, writing, and education since university. While completing her Bachelor of Arts with an English Major, Laura discovered that she could positively channel stories, memories, and emotions into her writing while composing works that others enjoyed. After receiving her degree, she furthered her studies by earning her Bachelor of Education and began her career journey as a teacher. Teaching ignited an interest in student engagement and a personal desire for lifelong learning. Although heavily engaged in her teaching schedule, she still found time to write.

Laura made a career move in her late 20s, bringing her teaching skills and experience to the world of post-secondary educational publishing at McGraw-Hill Education. This was the first time that Laura truly saw the value in bringing educational technology to students. She also spent some time in the K-12 world of publishing at Nelson and currently works at D2L.

It is a great gift for Laura to watch her two children, Luke (grade 3) and May (kindergarten), learn and grow. Laura’s children have only further fuelled her enthusiasm for reading, writing, and education. As a result, Laura has now written her first book based on relatable and relevant experiences with her children. She is passionate about enabling classrooms and families to have conversations that support social-emotional learning. Laura’s goal is to help students feel comfortable in effectively handling those big feelings.

Laura currently resides in Cochrane, Alberta, with her family and is excited to continue her writing endeavours.

You can reach Laura at lauramcjannetbrogan@gmail.com or follow her on social media:


About the Illustrator

Cory Cole has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Brock University and a Certificate in Graphic Design from Durham College. She received the Durham College Award, the Robert McLaughlin Gallery Award, and the title of Highest Ranking Graduate. Cory has been working as a graphic designer for more than 20 years.

Cory has always had a love of art, and when she is not drawing cartoons or painting, she is playing with her three toy poodles, Henri, Carol, and Philip. She loves watching zombie movies and spending time with her family.

You can reach Cory at ccole@nexicom.net or follow her on social media:


Praise for When Maddie Feels Jealous

“I cannot ask for a better book to teach the fundamentals to my own children and kids in the classroom. Every day, whether online or otherwise, we see a million things that make us jealous. This book allows them to acknowledge the feeling, learn, and grow forward. That is the beauty of the book; it is for yesterday, today, and for all the tomorrows. It acknowledges that the feeling will come again, and that it will need to be dealt with more than once. I love that it is not a ‘close the book and the problem is instantly solved’ idea. Such a gem in the teachable world. I would honestly recommend the book to everyone in my life. I am so honored to have been able to read it.”

– Alissa Trithart, Teacher

“This book addresses key social emotional outcomes to support young learners. Helping students understand what they feel in their bodies and being able to put these feelings into words is a key component of both self-awareness and relationship building. Maddie helps young learners to understand what they can do after they’ve identified that they are feeling jealous. I would recommend this book for children from 4-9 years old. I think the characters would appeal to a whole range of children and I think the lessons in the book are applicable to this entire age and anyone else who picks it up to read. We all feel jealous at times, how we handle it is in our own control.”

– Nicole Dalwood, Assistant Principal

“Maddie and her parents are so relatable. The feelings that Maddie experiences in the book are articulated really well and provide real life experiences for children and their families to connect. My favorite line in the book is when Maddie and her parents are sitting down to discuss the big feelings she is having, and they ask her ‘Can you tell me what that feels like for you?’ Learning the language of emotions, what they feel like, and the power that kindness and gratitude have are critical tools. Laura has given us a gift in this book to open the door to these conversations and build upon them at home, at school, in early childhood settings, and beyond!”

– Ashley Fox, Parent