COMING SOON! When Maddie Feels Jealous

I’m pleased to announce another children’s book author, Laura McJannet-Brogan! I’ve known Laura for many years–we worked together in educational publishing and became fast friends–but I didn’t know until recently that she’s a writer. Laura has used her experiences with her own children as her inspiration for her first book, When Maddie Feels Jealous!

There’s so much more information and attention given to managing emotions now than when I was growing up. I often feel inadequately prepared to help my children with their emotions when I’m still learning about my own. Laura has created a book that helps children identify their feelings and understand them. Maddie describes what the emotion feels like in her body, and then she models for readers how to effectively use positive emotions to overcome negative ones.

I know I would have felt more comfortable talking to my parents about my emotions if I had this book as a child, and I hope my children feel the same. Congratulations, Laura!

And a big thank you to Cory Cole for the beautiful illustrations for this project, her third children’s book!

About the Book

Whenever Maddie sees other kids, she always wants what they have: presents, toys, ice cream, candy! This big FEELING comes over her and she doesn’t like it. It makes her say things like, “I want that!” What is that feeling and why does it make her feel so yucky? It’s JEALOUSY and it can only be conquered with GRATITUDE and KINDNESS. Learn with Maddie as she identifies and deals with her big emotions.

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